Monday, June 11, 2012

Wedding Insurance: Luxurious Necessity?

Given that the average wedding now costs 25-thousand US dollars these days, are wedding insurance now fast becoming a “luxurious necessity” in this day and age? 

By: Ringo Bones 

Imagine your local governor announcing everyone should batten down the hatches and stay indoors because of a major storm will hit your neck of the woods. This is just what happened several months ago in New Jersey, where Governor Chris Christie’s warning that everyone should batten down the hatches and move indoors had caused the cancellation of scores of weddings to be held in the state’s picturesque and historic boardwalks. Given that weddings in this day and age now cost an average of 25-thousand US dollars, is it high-time for prospective couples to secure wedding insurance before they officially tie the knot? 

These days, a wedding insurance with a premium of 200 to 300 US dollars can recoup you of almost your entire 25-thousand US dollar wedding plan if ever it gets cancelled by a major storm or other inclement weather.  I mean insurance companies had been insuring against rain-outs of public events for years, right? Some “fancier” wedding insurance policies even cover force majeure. But will it cover the unused tins of up-market beluga caviar? 


VaneSSa said...

Wedding insurance with force majeure coverage - will it recoup the damage and mental anguish caused by "Bridezillas"?

Ringo said...

Wedding insurance with force majeure coverage? The idea probably dawned on me when I thought that if two people decides to go for a wedding budgeted way beyond their means is a force majeure in itself. Hints of Bridezilla?

VaneSSa said...

I just hope that wedding insurance with force majeure coverage also works on "monster-in-laws".

Ringo said...

Given that during the last few years American drone strikes targeting Al Qaeda affiliated groups in Afghanistan are hitting weddings at an alarmingly frequent rate, will most wedding insurance policies in the near future be covering death and injury due to drone strikes?