Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Would The “Snoopers’ Charter” Affect Your Health Insurance Premiums?

Though it is still a draft UK bill, would such legislative maneuverings eventually affect your insurance premium rates if your “city-state” decides to adopt such laws? 

By: Ringo Bones 

Sometimes the rule of law can be a wonderful thing given that most of them are legislated to protect us working class folks from the alleged tyranny of “big government” and “big corporations”, but in this day and age, political lobbyists – especially in affluent countries – more often than not, wield powers that would allow them to legislate laws that could exploit the working class. And the Draft Communications Data Bill – otherwise known as the Snoopers’ Charter – though still a UK based legislative bill, could serve as a template to be followed by powerful political lobbyists the world over to legislate laws that could maximize their respective corporate interests’ profits at the expense of their ordinary working class clients. 

A case in point is when your health insurance provider suddenly increases your insurance premiums when they managed to find out, via the “Snoopers’ Charter” or a law modeled after it because they can now data mine your search engine’s history – especially if you searched for cardiovascular related health topics during the last twelve months. Your health insurance provider could use your search history or your “cyber-hypochondria” as a “valid reason” to jack up your monthly insurance premiums. 

Though the UK’s Draft Communications Data Bill or Snoopers’ Charter had been “championed” by UK Home Secretary Theresa May citing terror attacks – i.e. the 7/7 Terror Attacks - and the “UK’s burgeoning online paedophile scene” despite protests from various civil liberties groups across the UK. Even though the retained data may only be obtained via top-tier judicial warrants, various unscrupulous insurance providers could hire Black Hat Hackers to snoop on your retained search data of the last twelve months to spy on your “online lifestyle” and use it as an allegedly valid excuse to jack up your insurance premium rates. 

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Angel Dove said...

So true, unscrupulous health insurance providers would exploit any "Snoopers' Charter" type laws to jack up their clients' monthly premiums by exploiting their "cyber-chondria".